Having trouble getting your Squarespace site to look just right on smaller screen sizes?

Learn to use media queries to control how your content looks across all screen sizes in this easy to follow video training for Squarespace web designers. We cover everything you need to know to get started creating mobile responsive styles today!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    What are Media Queries?
    • What Are Media Queries?
  • 2
    The Two Types of Media Queries
    • Max-width media queries
    • Min-width media queries
  • 3
    How to Write Media Queries
    • How to write a max-width and min-width media query
    • How do I know what screen width to make my media query?
  • 4
    Actual Use Cases for Media Queries in Squarespace
    • Adding mobile only content (hiding content on desktop)
    • Stacking content on tablet view
  • 5
    How to Organize your CSS
    • Keeping track of your Media Queries
  • 6
    Thank You/Please Leave a Review!
    • Thank you - Leave a Review!